Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

The New Technology that is changing the way Containers are made!

Strong. Light. Durable.

SpaceCubes or Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) containers are made of high quality composites that are superior to conventional metal containers. The Space Cube containers hold a rigid metal internal frame with a FRP outer covering. Metal containers eventually succumb to the elements and wear and tear of travel. With SpaceCube containers, they do not fall victim to the elements and are more durable then their metal counterparts. In addition to their superior performance to the elements, SpaceCube containers are also 30% lighter than their metal counterparts. This reduction helps reduce the about of fuel need for transportation.

SpaceCubes come in 5 different styles, which can accommodate different shipping needs and requests. Finally the SpaceCubes are collapsible and several collapsed can fit inside a single open container. This feature greatly reduces the transportation used to return empty containers and saves on fuel costs. SpaceCubes have great insulating properties against the heat/cold and can easily be outfitted with climate control equipment. Each container also comes with a repair kit which can easily repair any damage rather than replacing a whole container.