Think Outside The Box.

SpaceCube Eco-Containers is Revolutionizing the Storage & Shipping Industry!

SpaceCubes are excellent for personal storage, with their durability and multiple sizes they will not only meet but exceed all other containers. Because of the composite materials they are more resistant to mold/fungi and insects. SpaceCubes also fit onto standard flatbed trucks, which makes them ideal for moving.

The composite materials used in SpaceCubes FRP panels eliminates or reduces any means for fungi and insects to exist, thus rendering composites cleaner and easier to maintain. Additionally, the insulated FRP panels used in SpaceCube units will reduce the effects of heat and cold preventing condensation and heat/cold damage to cargo. The naturally insulating characteristics of the SpaceCube FRP walls system is ideal for transporting vulnerable loads offering temperature and humidity stability when outfitted with readily available energy efficient, portable refrigeration equipment.

Cargo Tracking

The physical properties of the materials used in composites naturally allow excellent radio signal transmissions which in turn enable proper monitoring. With GPS added to the cargo or mounted with control chips the SpaceCubes can be controlled and observed by computer using GPS satellite systems. With this built in system you can track the SpaceCube worldwide and know exactly where your cargo is throughout its journey, with added security. Additionally, knowing when your cargo will arrive allows efficiencies to be gained from both handling and customer satisfaction aspects.

Reduce Co2 emissions

Transportation of a lightweight container saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels. The volume of STF’s composite containers remains the same as steel whether it is loaded or completely empty. Because SpaceCubes can be folded after they are unloaded, their volume is reduced by 70% when empty. Up to 4 empty SpaceCubes can be transported together in just the space of one. When used on land, one could ship 10 units on 5 trucks to distant locations and return all 10 on 1 flat bed. Substantial weight advantages of SpaceCubes contribute to less energy needed when moved or reloaded. These FRP panels have gone through the rigorous testing required by the Transportation agencies for international (CSC) transportation of Sea, Land and Rail.

Free Quote

The First step in receiving your SpaceCube, is your order. Describing your needs, and requirements, will determine what size and options best suit your needs. Once we have your needs we come up with a quote for your SpaceCubes.

Design & Manufacturing

Once an agreement is made our in-house engineering team sends the design specs over to our on shore manufacturing plant where your new SpaceCubes will be made.

Shipping & Delivery

Shortly after the manufacturing has been completed, we deliver your SpaceCubes to the desired location.